The Easiest To Use And Most Reasonably Priced Vase On The Market Today!


Large enough for generous arrangements:
7 inches deep with a
3 1/2 inch opening

Durable Zinc

Will not rust or corrode

Easy To Use

Finger holes allow for easy vase removal

No Locks

Grab the flowers with one hand, the vase with the other, and replace in one easy motion

Choices in Finish & Color

Smooth Polyester or Textured Hammertone finish. Color choices of Gray, Black or Bronze.

PermaVase Gravesite permanent Vases

Quality Coatings

Will not peel or chip

Half Up

Enhances display and will not tip over

New Improved Lip!

Thicker, heavier lip prevents sinking into ground and assures extended housing life


Resists floating, even in saturated ground

New Extended Casing!

Prevents dirt impaction between vase and housing

Anti-Frost Heaving

Flange on bottom resists heaving from frost

Priced Right

We make sure you get more
vase for your dollar

Reduced Price Sample

Call or fax today and we will send you a sample vase for only $25 plus UPS charges

Volume Discounts

Lower prices and free freight on volume orders – see order form