The In-Ground Vase That Will Last For Generations!

Beautiful bouquets that your families leave on their grave sites deserve the security of a PermaVase.

This permanent floral holder will not break, rust or tip. When not in use, PermaVase is retracted level with the ground. The heavy cast-zinc holder is beautifully powder coated in Gray, Bronze and Black finish.

PermaVase Gravesite permanent Vases Floral Arrangement

Wholesale Only

Maintenance Free

No worrying about your vase being knocked over, broken, or wearing down over time.

Reasonably Priced

We want your focus on the arrangements you will place in your PermaVase and not worry about a costly vase.

Factory Direct

Your order comes from the factory, keeping costs down, eliminating middle-men and ensuring quality.

Finish & Color Choices

The look of your permanent vase is important. That’s why we offer so many color choices.

Ease of Use

The PermaVase is very easy to use and install at any grave-site. We know you will love the ease and reliability.

Quality and Durability

We make our PermaVase from durable Zinc, which means neither the elements or time will degrade your vase.